THE JET BOY BANGERZ won two titles together


THE JET BOY BANGERZ from EXILE TRIBE, No.1 of their first combined album, won two titles together with CD album.

10-men group THE JET BOY BANGERZ from EXILE TRIBE’s “PHOTOGENIC” recorded 49,887 points for the week and gained No.1 in the latest “Oricon Weekly Total Album Ranking” announced on February 8 for the first time in their career.

The album sold 49,734 CDs, 58 digital albums, and 95 streaming albums in its first week, and ranked No. 1 in the “Weekly Album Ranking” on the same day. The CD sales points were a major factor in the album’s No. 1 position, and it also ranked No. 1 in the combined album ranking. The album won two Oricon Weekly Music Ranking titles, “Weekly Album Ranking” and “Weekly Combined Album Ranking.”

In the latest “Weekly Total Album Ranking,” Ketsunopolis 13 by Ketsuneishi ranked No. 3. In the “Weekly Album Ranking” on the same day, this album ranked No. 3 for the first time with first-week sales of 22,000 copies, and No. 1 in the “Weekly Digital Album Ranking” for the first time on the same day. In addition to these CD sales points and download points, it also gained streaming points, ranking No. 3 in the “Weekly Combined Album Ranking.