EXILE THE SECOND will release new EP on March


EXILE THE SECOND to release distribution EP & CD album,
new song is official image song of [Tokyo Marathon 2024]

EXILE THE SECOND will release EP “THE FAR EAST COWBOYZ E.P.” on March 1, 2024.

The new song “Winner” included in this EP will be the official image song of “Tokyo Marathon 2024”. The message of the marathon, “TOKYO, My favorite place… The Tokyo Marathon Foundation’s message, “TOKYO, My Favorite Place…,” is “We aim to be the warmest marathon in the world, valuing the diversity of each and every runner, and to make TOKYO, more than any other place in the world, our ‘My Favorite Place’ in the hearts of the people. The Tokyo Marathon Foundation’s wish to “cherish the diversity of the Tokyo Marathon for each and every one of us, and to have TOKYO, more than any other place in the world, be my favorite place in the world,” and LDH’s purpose of “‘Circle of Dreams’ – Believe in dreams, connect dreams, and create entertainment full of the power of dreams” matched the direction of the Tokyo Marathon Foundation’s wish, and EXILE THE SECOND will take charge of the image song EXILE THE SECOND was chosen as the image song of the event, following EXILE’s performance in the previous event.

From the EP, sample samples of “Winner” and “We are the best” have been released.

It was also announced that the album “THE FAR EAST COWBOYZ” including the EP will be released on June 5. The original album, the first in about 6 years, will include live footage from the arena tour [EXILE THE SECOND LIVE TOUR 2024 “THE FAR EAST COWBOYZ”] to be held from March 7.

[Kenchi Tachibana Comment]
I am very happy and honored to be involved in Tokyo Marathon 2024.

I am sure that many dramas will be created as talented runners from all over the world gather in the one and only place called Tokyo and run through the 42.195 km.
I would be happy if the song “Winner” that we produced this time could add even a little bit of color to those dramas.
Tokyo Marathon 2024’s theme “Tokyo, My favorite place… We are confident that the theme “Tokyo, My favorite place…” of the Tokyo Marathon 2024 will shine brightly to the world, and we will do our utmost to support the event.

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