DVI released a new song! Between Friend and Lover


DVI expresses the feeling of the friend zone through a new single,
Friend (Secretly) Love – Close(d) Friend.

Officially sending out the first comeback of the year. With the very talented boy group from 4NOLOGUE, DVI released their 3rd music video single titled Close(d) Friend, released for fans to watch together today. On February 1st

The 6 members of DVI are led by Frank, Cheetah, Tang, Samui, Auau and Por have conveyed the symptoms of a person who secretly loves a close friend who has no right to become a lover through this single. without daring to reveal your feelings Because I’m afraid of losing the word friend.

“Just a friend who secretly loves you. It probably won’t matter, right? If I keep the word love away from anyone Just be the same person standing next to you”.

Close(d) Friend is a Pop R&B song in which the DVI boys were able to bring out their skills in singing, rapping, and acting through the music video. And this song also Aem-Atchariya Dulyapaiboon, a producer with experience in the Thai music industry. Come help take care of the boys’ 3rd single this time as well. which they were able to convey this new work with quality.