JO1, INI, and DXTEEN were all present!


The 28 members of JO1, INI, and DXTEEN were all present!

LAPONE Entertainment’s artists JO1, INI, and DXTEEN held a joint live “LAPOSTA 2024” on January 20 and 21 at K-Arena Yokohama in Kanagawa.

JO1, INI, and DXTEEN performed a total of 44 songs.

From the opening of the event, a total of 28 performers suddenly gathered on stage, and the curtain rose on a spectacular event amidst the loud cheers of the three groups’ fans. After 18 nonstop songs by each group, the unit block, one of the main attractions of “LAPOSTA,” began with rap and DJ performances by Ren Kawajiri and Takumi Kawanishi of JO1 and Hiroto Nishi of INI, followed by powerful dance performances by Takeru Goto, Shogo Tajima, and Jin Matsuda of INI and Shotaro Tanaka of DXTEEN performed a powerful dance.

Ruki Shiroiwa and Shion Tsurubou from JO1, Takumi Ozaki and Xu Fengfan from INI, and Ayuta Fukuda from DXTEEN covered “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction. Then Shosei Ohira and Issei Mamehara of JO1, Masaya Kimura and Kyosuke Fujimaki of INI, and Haru Okubo of DXTEEN sang “Orange” by SMAP, followed by a hip-hop unit formed by Sukai Kinjo and Sho Yonashiro of JO1, Rihito Ikezaki and Yudai Sano of INI, Taichi Taniguchi and Ken Hiramoto of DXTEEN, Shoya Kimata, Junki Kono, Keigo Sato, Hiromu Takatsuka of INI, and Koshin Terao of DXTEEN performed “Kaiju no Hana Uta” in a band formation.

In the song shuffle block between groups, DXTEEN covered INI’s “SPECTRA” and JO1’s “Dreaming Night”; JO1 performed INI’s “Password” and INI performed JO1’s “MONSTAR” with respect. Finally, a total of 28 members gathered on stage and all performed JO1’s song “La Pa Pa Pam” together. They continued with a medley of INI’s “Dramatic” and “Rocketeer,” DXTEEN’s “Next” and “Come Over,” and JO1’s “SuperCali” and “Infinity”.

For encore, all three groups sang “LAPOSTA” theme song “LOVE ALL STAR,” and Taniguchi of DXTEEN said, “Above all, we got happiness from our fans for two days. Thank you very much.” Kimura of INI said, “Thank you for your warm support. We would like to create such a fun and happy space again, so we will do our best again. Mamehara of JO1 said, “I am happy that we were able to perform on such a big stage with three groups. Thanks to all of you, we are here on this stage today. Thank you very much.