FESSTA hot debuts! A five-member boy group debuts✨


Debut song “PROMOTION”

Since 2023, 2Flow Entertainment has produced artists with excellent singing and dancing skills such as THI-O & TUTOR and HAVE A NICE DAY’ or HAND.

A five-member new boy group debuts from such a talented agency.
It’s time to welcome a new era in the T-POP industry with the release of new artist FESSTA, 5 young boy groups led by Kan (Leader), Mark (Main vocal), Momo (Main vocal), David (Main Rapper) and Tae (Main Dance).

FESTA, a boy group that has undergone intense training. Ready to show strong singing and dancing. The name of the band Fessta comes from the word ‘Festival’ and is ready to be a festival of happiness for fans.

By the content of the song “PROMOTION” their debut single. Talk about presenting love with care that cannot be found anywhere else and hope that the other side will decide to accept this hot deal before it’s too late.

With the hottest lyrics from Jab The Rich Man Toy together with Jam Factory Thailand, the producer behind many T-POP hit songs, it’s a perfect musical composition. That’s why this single is gaining attention right now.

Now available on all music streaming platforms and watch the music video on YouTube 2FLOW Entertainment.