WOLF HOWL HARMONY's 2nd single is theme song for a new drama series


WOLF HOWL HARMONY’s new song “Frozen Butterfly” has been chosen as the theme song for TV Asahi’s Saturday night drama “Kikanai Nai Otoko – Sare Husband to Akuma Wife no Kiseki-Ai -” which will start on January 20.

The drama is a dramatization of the manga “Kikanishinai Otoko” (Kodansha Young Magazine KC) by manga artist Reiji Otake and written by Osamu Suzuki, who has announced his retirement as a writer and scriptwriter as of March 31, 2024.

The new song “Frozen Butterfly” will be included as the title track of the second single to be released on February 14, Chaki Zulu, and DJ DARUMA produced the song. The song depicts a dream or true self frozen in one’s heart that meets love and flutters freely. The song expresses the members’ own feelings that “it is wonderful to dream” because they overcame various pains and conflicts before making their debut.

GHEE and HIROTO, finalists in “iCON Z ~Dreams For Children~,” the largest audition in LDH history with 48,000 participants, are joined by RYOJI and SUZUKI, who are active as “DEEP SQUAD”; four people with various stories to tell. The four members have a variety of stories to tell, and their ability to express themselves is their weapon of choice.

The name WOLF HOWL HARMONY comes from “the overlapping stories of their lives and the melancholy howl of a lone wolf that fate brought together.