A fiery collaboration of TRINITY and PSYCHIC FEVER


A fiery fusion of T-POP and J-POP 🔥🔥

The ultimate collaboration between TRINITY and PSYCHIC FEVER.

TRINITY performed at “centralwOrld Bangkok Countdown 2024,” one of the largest countdown live events in Asia, held in Bangkok, Thailand, on December 31.

The “centralwOrld Bangkok Countdown 2024” was held at “centralwOrld,” one of the largest shopping malls in Thailand, located in the center of Bangkok, which is called the Times Square of Asia, and the flashy productions such as fireworks surrounding the venue attracted a great deal of attention.
This is one of the largest countdown live concerts in Asia. This year, a total of 63 artists from Thailand and abroad, including Billkin, PP Krit, and NONT TANONT, participated in the event.

When the impressive introduction of “STAY” by The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber played, the audience cheered loudly. TRINITY appeared on stage at the call of PSYCHIC FEVER member Kohatushi, a guest from Japan, and the ten members of TRINITY quickly enlivened the venue.

They passed the baton to TRINITY and left the stage, but PSYCHIC FEVER appeared again with TRINITY’s party tune “Champagne Poppin”. The collaboration stage of TRINITY and PSYCHIC FEVER came to an end with everyone jumping up and down on the big stage.