WEST. releases music video for new song "FICTION"


WEST.’s new music video “FICTION” released on January 10

“FICTION” is the theme song of the movie “At a closed snowy mountain villa” starring Daiki Shigeoka, which will be released on January 12.
The music video is inspired by the world of the movie and the song’s lyrics, “From where to where is fiction? the music video has a mysterious atmosphere, inspired by the world of the movie and the lyrics of the song, “From where to where?
The video starts with a scene showing the seven members wearing masks, and is filled with meaningful shots of the members with watches and wine glasses in their hands.

The dance choreography is by Kazuki (s**t kingz), and the seven sing and dance stylishly on the theater stage, bathed in lights and wearing long black coats. The expressions on the faces of the members, who are in despair and pain, yet earnestly struggling for love and hope, are also noteworthy.