Snow Man star in and direct the new show "祭GALA"


Snow Man’s Hikaru Iwamoto, Tatsuya Fukasawa, and Ryota Miyadate to Star in and Direct New Performance “Festival GALA” at Shinbashi Enbujo Theater in April

Teru Iwamoto, Tatsuya Fukazawa, and Ryota Miyadate of the nine-member group Snow Man will star in and direct “Festival GALA” (read: Gala) at the Shinbashi Enbujo Theater in Tokyo from April 1 to 29.

The three actors, who have demonstrated their talents through a wide range of genres including “Takizawa Kabuki”, stage performances, and videos, will create a new kind of entertainment. The title of the performance uses the Japanese word “Matsuri” and the French word “GALA,” meaning “festival,” both of which have the same meaning, and expresses a festive and glamorous stage incorporating both Japanese and Western elements.

In addition, the word “Festival” in the performance logo incorporates one letter of each name: “Hi” for Hikaru Iwamoto, “Ta” for Tatsuya Fukasawa, and “Ri” for Ryota Miyadate, symbolizing the three members working together to create a new stage.

Iwamoto, Fukasawa, and Miyadate have a deep connection with the Shinbashi Enbujo, and it can be said that the three of them have walked with the theater, having performed there many times in the past. Last year’s “Takizawa Kabuki ZERO FINAL,” the culmination of the series, was the first time that Snow Man not only starred in the show but also directed it, captivating a large audience. The new entertainment “Festival GALA” created by these three will open the season.