Large gathering of popular artists such as PERSES and ATLAS


Fun, great fun at the end of the year, ‘Pepsi presents the 13th Big Mountain Music Festival’, full of impressive performances on every stage from 200 artists, all music genres.

The biggest music festival in Thailand has passed, gathering together music, food, and a variety of amazing experiences in one event with the theme ‘Pepsi Presents Big Mountain Music Festival No. 13’ with the theme ‘Amazing Big Mountain’ is organized by the professional organizer ‘GAYRAY’ (Gray), a department under ‘GMM SHOW’ (GMM Show).

This event was held on Last December 9-10, 2023 at The Ocean Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. This event can be said to be extremely fun, full for 2 days and 2 nights, as it brings together 200 artists, both Thai and international. Complete with all music genres and not limited to labels including pop, rock, hip hop, dance, indie, country, coming to provide fun through music on 9 stages, each stage of which has been designed creatively and uniquely, including lights and various graphics to Resulting in a concert experience that Big Mountain’s audience will never forget.

In addition to having fun through music from various artists, ‘Big Mountain Music Festival’ also has something special.

Or known as many other amazing things to make everyone experience more happiness and fun than ever before.

Starting from the moment everyone enters the event, they must stop to check in at the ‘Colonel Wua’ area that is prominently located in the middle of the event. Or will it be camping in the midst of nature?

Because the event has arranged a variety of camping areas to choose from.

Both clean and comfortable Including other new areas that are complete with every lifestyle to your liking, such as ‘CENTRAL PARK’ (Central Park), a green space where everyone can sit and watch concerts from the mountain stage on a large screen.

There is also a battery charging point and a relaxing massage service.

Moreover, within this event there are areas that include a variety of menus and drinks for everyone to enjoy which are spread throughout the event area, including ‘SAMYARN MARKET’ or ‘Samyan Market’, ‘Fah Thong Market’ and ‘KAIJEAW CITY’ (Omelet City).

In addition, ‘Big Mountain Music Festival’ this time also has a campaign. Let everyone have the most fun in an environmentally friendly way.

Work together to dispose of waste in the correct place at more than 50 waste separation points throughout the event area. To reduce the amount of residual waste Do not leave any problems for people in the area after the event.

It is considered that ‘Pepsi presents the 13th Big Mountain Music Festival’ is the biggest music festival in Thailand.

That everyone will find an experience that cannot be found at any other music festival, including people, music, food and various lifestyles.

For those who missed the event this time You’ll have to wait again next year and with ‘Big Mountain Music Festival No. 14’ which is a music festival that you shouldn’t miss at all.

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