Snow Man unveils new visuals photo for new single


On February 18, the jacket photo and new visuals for Snow Man’s 10th single “LOVE TRIGGER / We’ll go together,” which will be released on February 14, 2024, were released.

For this single, two visuals were created to match the respective song concepts of “LOVE TRIGGER” and “We’ll go together”. The CD jacket of “LOVE TRIGGER” is a mature concept full of sex appeal and dandyism, while “We’ll go together” is pop, bright, and hopeful.

The two title tracks of this double A-side single are the theme songs for the serial dramas in which Teru Iwamoto and Shota Watanabe play the lead roles for the first time, respectively.

The theme song “LOVE TRIGGER” for the TV Asahi drama “Koisuru Keisatsu 24 Jikan” (starting January 13, 2024, every Saturday at 11:00 PM), in which Iwamoto plays the lead role, is a song that maximizes adult sexiness and atmosphere, and the choreography by the artist himself is also notable.

We’ll go together,” the theme song for the NTV drama “Sensei Sayonara” (starting January 22, 2024, every Monday at 0:59 a.m.) in which Watanabe plays the lead role, is a sad yet cheerful medium tune that expresses a positive attitude while also expressing conflict. The message of the title, “We’ll go together,” is not only about listeners’ families, lovers, and friends, but also about the bond between Snow Man, fans, and the nine members.

In addition to “Kokoro Hitotsu”, the theme song for TBS’s “Sore wo Snow Man ni Yasasemasete”, “NEXT” will be included as a coupling track.
NEXT” is an electro dance tune with a cool and edgy sound full of a sense of speed, and also incorporates many HIP HOP elements. It is the first song by the group since their 2nd single “KISSIN’ MY LIPS” to feature all English lyrics, and it expresses Snow Man’s strong will to “never stand still and move forward to the ‘next'”. The music video is “LOVE TRIG”.

Two music videos, “LOVE TRIGGER” and “We’ll go together,” will be included in the first A and B editions, respectively.

In addition, “Snow Man Calendar 2024.4-2025.3” will be attached as a bonus for purchasing all three forms of the album at the same time for the first time in the group’s history.