PERSES covers GOLF&MIKE's debut song "BOUNCE"


PERSES who belongs to GMM Grammy’s G’NEST, has covered GOLF&MIKE’s hit song “BOUNCE” (2005).

The cover of “BOUNCE” by PERSES is part of the “ซนซน 40 ปี GMM Grammy” project, celebrating GMM Grammy’s 40th anniversary.

BOUNCE” is the debut song of the brother duo GOLF & MIKE, who debuted on GMM Grammy in 2005.

All five members of PERSES chose “BOUNCE” because of its fun and danceable tune. Resident producer Panot Kumprasert arranged the PERSES version. It also showcases the dance skills of the members, fulfilling the PERSES character in the style of pop dance music. In addition, sound gimmicks with Thai instruments are added, and choreography that retains the original “BOUNCE” character, such as the basketball dribbling pose seen in the GOLF&MIKE version, is also incorporated.

The five-member group consists of Jung, Krittin, Nay, Palm, and Pluggy, who belong to G’NEST, a GMM Grammy affiliate.

【PERSES ‘BOUNCE’ (ซนซน 40 ปี GMM GRAMMY) – Special MV】