PERSES participates in collaboration song Safe Zone


Group love confession!! Heartfelt thoughts from “Bright Film Gawin Jam Krist Nanon Peck Perses” representative of the GMM Buildings. New Year’s gift to fans Instead of thanking you through the song “Me You Have Me” (Safe Zone)

An important gathering phenomenon of the 12 hottest idols of the Gem Building!! “Bright Film Gawin Jam Krist Nanon Peck Perses” on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of GMM GRAMMY who would like to thank all the fans. who have always been together and supported each other very well Therefore resulting in a special song Sending happiness with the end-of-year song “Me You Me” (Safe Zone) born from a message to fans. where artists write their feelings in letters on paper And those messages It creates inspiration. Until it was arranged into the song “Me You Me” (Safe Zone) to make it a song of happiness. Anthem for every fan club.

The song “With You and Me” (Safe Zone) is a song that is like “Thank you” on every occasion.

From GMM GRAMMY with lyrics and melodies that convey happiness and warmth. Without you, there is no me. I want you to be together here for a long time, called…Safe Zone.

Representatives from handsome idols He gave his final words to us by saying…

Peck Palitchoke: Where does it make us happy? It doesn’t have to be at home or anywhere else. Just being with the people we love. It’s enough to be comfortable and happy to be with. I’m very happy to work with everyone.

Bright Norapat: I feel very happy to work with seniors and juniors in GMM. For Bright’s safe zone It’s home with friends. Like family, parents, and cats because we can share stressful things with each other.

Perses: I’m very happy to be a part of this song and to work with the brothers in GMM as well.

Chris: I’m very happy to be a part of this project. Please leave the song “Mee You Me” as well. Let’s go watch the MV how cute will it be.
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มีเธอมีฉัน (Safe Zone) – รวมศิลปิน GMM Grammy [OFFICIAL MV]