PERSES Releases Music Video for "Beautiful"


‘PERSES’ recorded the most touching moment through the MV ‘Beautiful’, thanking fans, concluding the first album.

It’s been a full year since the debut of the band PERSES with MY TIME, the cool opening song with the same name as the album.
All 5 young men, Jang-Wikorn Buranapinyo, Nae-Naran Wikairungroj, Kritin-Kritin Sosungnoen, Palm-Peerawit Pintha and Plugky-Tharakorn Khamsing has entered the hearts of music fans where they had both beautiful moments and grow together with the group PIECES (the name of their fan club) through every song in the album from MY TIME, TOUCHDOWN (Clear Dao), Catch The Night and A Little Less CUTE until reaching the final single of the album, Beautiful .

All 5 young men intend to send their feelings to fans. Through the content of this song, “ I want you to know that You still have me beside you. Even in the lonely night Even if the whole world doesn’t understand you, please know that’s I will still be right here. ”One part of the lyrics in this song where the guys want to show love and understanding and send encouragement to everyone to know that no matter what, there are still 5 PERSES who will always be there for everyone and grow together.

In which Jang, the eldest of the band, said, “Without PIECES, there would be no PERSES today” and Palm, the youngest of the band. It has been said that “We will work hard. And will continue to get better to make every PIECES proud.” It is a sentimental value that we have for each other.

As well as collecting beautiful memories. Various moments Both the impressions, happiness and excitement between PERSES and PIECES from the recent Dr.J Presents PERSES – ‘CREATE MY TIME’ FIRST FANSIGN & MINI CONCERT event were broadcast in the music video for the song Beautiful in return for love and The support of the fans who have created beautiful moments for each other for a full year, which are good memories that will stay in our hearts. Every fans are forever waiting for them to come back more bigger.

[PERSES ‘Beautiful’ – Official MV]