THE RAMPAGE will release their New Single “Katasumi”


THE RAMPAGE will release their 21st single
“Katasumi” on November 8th!

“Katasumi” is a movie starring the three vocalists of THE RAMPAGE, and delicately portrays men who live in the night world and each have their own emotional wounds and resentments. “My Night” theme song.

This is THE RAMPAGE’s all-out mid-ballad, with a sad melody and lyrics that color the story.
For the coupling, the three inspirational songs that led to the birth of the movie “MY (K)NIGHT” have been made into solo songs for each vocalist.
The DVD and Blu-ray will include the MUSIC VIDEO of “Katasumi”, the making of the MV, and MUSIC SHORT of 3 vocal solo songs.

The latest visual was shot at ALL Yokohama location, with the image of a movie set in Yokohama at night.
In order to exude glamor and seductiveness, everyone wore luxurious suits, and the patterns and luster created a mature and sexy THE RAMPAGE.

And, the MUSIC VIDEO of “Katasumi” has been released!
The MUSIC VIDEO with the theme of “Escort” is a collaboration with the MUSIC VIDEO of EXILE’s famous song “Ti Amo”, which is a story-telling music video that depicts a complicated love story between a man and a woman set in Shanghai in the 1920s.

The worldview is such that THE RAMPAGE will encourage a young lady who is unable to take a step forward through her performance, and the music video will tell a story that will encourage the viewer.
Member Itsuki Fujiwara is in charge of the choreography for the MV performance part.
The choreography is beautiful, supple, and delicate.

The 16 people who have grown up before the 7th anniversary of their debut will be intertwined with EXILE’s famous song video after 15 years.

On social media, the song has been receiving positive feedback, with comments such as “an emotional collaboration that reminds me of Ti Amo”, “a really hot connection to Ti Amo”, and  “a fresh MV that mixes nostalgia and newness”.

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