GENERATIONS' new song "Diamonds" exceeded 2M views


“Diamonds” to close out the 10th anniversary💎

The MV of GENERATIONS‘ new song “Diamonds” released in September has already been viewed 2M times and a bonus video of the ‘Performance ver.’ has been released.

GENERATIONS celebrates its 10th anniversary on November 21, 2022.
In 2023, they are celebrating their 10th anniversary with a new theme, “Gather! Make noise! Connect! as the slogan. To conclude their 10th ANNIVERSARY YEAR, GENERATIONS will release their first mini album on November 21, the day of their debut.
This album, “Diamonds“, is a collection of songs that reflect the message of “not being defeated by any adversity” as the group continues to take on numerous challenges in the 10 years since their debut.
It is a song that expresses a man’s struggle to “not give in to any adversity” and to sometimes “show weakness is strength”, a message that dispels the feelings that cling to the heart.
The sound is straight reggaeton, but with a pleasant topline and beat that makes you want to listen to it over and over again.


In addition, an event will be held to celebrate the release of the mini album.
GENERATIONS 10th ANNIVERSARY YEAR “Gather! Make noise! Connect! Greeting Party
■ 2023.10.8 Osaka, Japan
■ 2023.10.22 Fukuoka
■ 2023.11.12 Miyagi
■ 2023.11.23 Saitama
■ 2023.11.25 Tokyo
■ 2023.11.26 Gifu
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