Taiki Sato of EXILE plays the lead role in a terrestrial drama series for the first time.


Taiki Sato is selected to play the lead role in the live-action adaptation of the popular webtoon!

It was announced on June 9 that Taiki Sato of EXILE/FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE will star in a terrestrial serial drama for the first time in ABC TV/TV Asahi’s July cool drama “around 1/4.
A 25-year-old fresh love group story will be delivered in the live-action adaptation of the popular WEBTOON.

The original work by popular author Ono gained popularity as it continued to rank first among women on the manga app “comico”. Five men and women around the age of 25 find their own way to overcome while repeating troubles and mistakes.

Kosuke Nitta, the main character played by Sato, is a cheerful and enthusiastic venture company advertising agency salesman. At first glance, he looks flirtatious, but at the age of 25, he is a person with a sense of confusion at a time when he is not quite ready to be an adult.
Directed by Ryohei Kumamoto and written by Aya Takei, Sato jumps into a realistic situation and plays a life-size 25-year-old.

Taiki Sato Comment
―― Impressions after reading the original work
Normally, everyone wears something like a mask, and it is natural that everyone has worries.
Each of them has their own problems that cannot be told to others, and some of them keep their problems to themselves while others talk to those around them and on the other hand, some of them do not care much. The way the characters tackle their own troubles from their own point of view makes it look reliable, and the various love patterns that are born in it are so full of individuality that I finished reading it before I knew it!

――What is an impression of Kosuke?
Among the characters in this work, I think he’s the closest to my normal self! It’s very real that the impression that people think, and the real self are so different. In the drama, the human pattern will be drawn more deeply by adding the essence that is not in the original. If I hadn’t entered the entertainment world, I might have lived a life like Kosuke’s.

――Do you have any interesting episodes around the age of 25?
When I was 24 years old, I played the role of a student the most! I played the role of a high school student in 3 consecutive works, and I experienced a lot of pseudo-student experiences in one year, so it was my second youth!

――Message to viewers
I think there are many things that people of this generation, as well as people of other generations, can relate to! The perspectives of the characters change all the time, and all sorts of things happen here and there, so I think the 30 minutes go by in the blink of an eye! I would be happy if you could watch over the characters who grow little by little while having a complex!