Million Achievement Snow Man's "i DO ME" Earns Top AL Sales.


With this record, Snowman has now had three consecutive million-seller albums!

Snow Man‘s “i DO ME” topped the Billboard JAPAN weekly album sales chart “Top Albums Sales” on May 24, 2023 (May 15 – May 21, 2023), selling 1,072,926 copies during the week.

“i DO ME” topped the “Top Albums Sales” chart (Billboard Japan Weekly Album Sales Chart from May 21 to May 22), selling 1,072,926 copies.

Snow Man’s third album “i DO ME” includes “Orange Kiss,” “Tapestry,” and “W,” which were released as singles, and contains 17 songs on the standard edition, 13 songs on the first edition A, and 12 songs on the first edition B.

The title “i DO ME” means “I am as I am” and can be read as “挑め (i do me)” in romaji, and the album is a challenge to pursue Snow Man’s own style without being restricted by the surroundings.

They achieved three consecutive million-seller albums with “Snow Mania S1” and “Snow Labo. S2.”

On a special website created for the album, you can read interviews with the members and play a card game against snow man. ( )